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Welcome to The
UK Black Entertainment Network

Blessings Everyone!

We wish to welcome you all to The UK Black Entertainment Network

We have faith that everyone has a talent, expertise, knowledge and wisdom that they can share with others.

Our focus, passion and mission is to build a community in the Black Business & Entertainment industry, build bonds and support each other!

How do we do this?

We hear all too often that ….

“Black People don’t support each other”!

This is something The UK Black Entertainment Network has been established in order to challenge!

We come from people whom lived in a collective community, and have found ourselves generations deep in a system which promotes the opposite!

It’s time to change this belief and attitude with action and commitment.

Let’s take responsibility for building community, sharing ideas, events, opportunities and knowledge so that we can empower ourselves as people.

Could you support a new starter doing their first launch or event? Do you know two people with similar interest or businesses that may work well in collaboration. It is in these kind of ways and others that envision this platform to be a one-stop hub for us build, share and support one another.

We are also looking for Brand Ambassadors to be pioneers in building relationships and spreading the word about the Network, so if you feel you have what it takes please get in contact….

All are welcome, we take from knowing that everyone is teachable if they want to be! So no matter your level or skill in your business or talent we will help to connect those whom need help with those whom can provide it…

So all that’s left to ask again is…

Do we support each other?


By Lianne Crawford
Rhythm & Beauty Ltd